Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

Tam Hangers keeps on doing studies on healing the cooki rules prefences, and have already updated our cookie rules, In our policy of secrecy, it is meantioned how to use the new cookie rules The datas, received by the cookie rules, have been matching with the datas, collected during this study.

What is cookie?

Cookie is a series of information, sent to your computer hard disk, through out your web site browser. The cookies can not be used by themselves to describe yourself. A cookie normally includes the name of the comig site, the life-span of the cookie and the value, which is randomly created number There are also some other different technologies, that are used for the same concept. Some of the web indications such such label and pixels are considered other technologies similar to cookie.(They are all named as cookies)

The cookies we use and their functions,

The categories of the cookies that we use in our web sites are located on the below list (In accordance to the cookie guideline of the International Commerce of Trade)

Specially Needed Cookies

These cookies are necessary to have safety browse in the site and reach the safety areas in the site. We use such cookies for users record and open sessions Without these cookies, the services you demand can not be provided. These are first personal cookies and they can be either permanent or temporary. Shortlly, our web site does not work properly without these cookies.

Performance Cookies

These cookies collect information how the visitors use an internet site.As a specific example; especially which pages the visitors browse mostly. These cookies do not have the capability of identifying the visitors. All the information and the datas that these cookies collect are regarded as anonymous information, We use these cookies for such below aims:

  • To have statistis on how our ınternet site is used.
  • To check with the presentations of our advertisin campaigns.

The Function Cookies

These cookies remembers and presents the prefeferences that you make on the internet site, such your name, your language or the country you are in and offers more personal features. These cookies can also be used to watch a video or make a comment to a blog . The datas that these cookies have are structured anonymously and can not follow up with the browse actions on the other internets.
We use these cookies for the following aims:

  • It reminds you whether this service was previously given to you or not.
  • By remembering your preferences, it rehabilitates the whole experiences on the general view of the internet site.

The cookies of Commercial Ads

These cookies not only limits the number of your ad watching, but also helps to evaluate the presentation of the ad campaigns. The cookies of commercial adsa re usually prefered to control the ads on the general view of the internet site. The ad cookies are usuall installed by the Ad dealer sor their agencies, these could be permanent or temporary cookies.

Third Party Cookies

On some pages of our internet site you could find the services such Youtobe or Facebook. Please keep in mind that the control of these cookies do not belong to us and for more information, you are supposed to browse the internet site of the third parties.

Arranging and cancelling the Cookies

In case you want to limit the cookies , block the cookies or cancel the cookies, you could manage these steps from your Internet browser . There are slight differences of the internet browsers that you are using Fort he following istructions, please link the followings.

If you are unable to use any of the browsers above you are supposed to help button on your internet browser.

In order to see the which cookies are installed, how to manage with these cookies and how to delete these cookies and how to get more detailedl information, you are supposed to visit or

In order to cancel the browse adjustment by Google Analytics on thewhole internet sites, you are supposed to visit

Please keep in mind that reaching some of our internet sites are provided only with cookies. And do not forget that trying to cancel these cookies prevents reaching some parts of our internet site and also prevents to make use of benefiting from our internet site.

On the managing process of the browse cookies on themobile devices, you are supposed to apply the users manuel of the mobile devices.

In case you want to reach us on cookies, please send us mail to our mail address,

The visitors, who use this internet site without refusing the cookies andthe similar online technologies, are considered accepted our info and data collection by using these technologies.