Gift Policy


Tam Hangers gift policy aims to ensure that business relationships of Tam Hangers employees with customers, suppliers and other third people do not cause conflict of interest and comply with ethical working rules. Within the scope of this policy, the framework of gifts given and received in order to reinforce business relationships and the hosting activities organized is described.


Gift refers to products that are given among people who are in a business relationship for the purpose of commercial courtesy or appreciation and do not require monetary or non-monetary response.

Conflict of interest covers any economic or personal interests that may arise during employees’ decision-making or conduct of duty against the company they work for or that may arise under changing circumstances. This situation should immediately be reported to a senior manager and the senior manager should take the precautions that will eliminate the conflict of interest at once. In some cases, procedures of the employee that affects the employer adversely may be performed for the purpose of benefiting not him/herself but an affiliate or third people.


  • While performing their duties, Tam Hangers employees shall not accept or suggest any interest or gift that has or has not economic value, affects or have the possibility to affect their decision-making, impartiality or performance.
  • Tam Hangers employees shall not accept or suggest entertainment events or gifts that can put Tam Hangers, its customers or suppliers in a difficult situation in the eyes of the public, may violate this policy, may be perceived as bribe or commission or correspond to a preferential treatment in conduct of any business.
  • On the condition that they are not personally requested by Tam Hangers employees, gifts and promotions such as daybook, pencil and calendar that can be given periodically and has no monetary or commercial value. Furthermore, these gifts should not be accepted frequently even if they are within the above-mentioned scope. These gifts, which do not have high monetary value, shall be recorded by the relevant department manager by indicating the acceptance date, nature, quantity of the gift as well as the provider.
  • Cash gifts, valuable gems such as gold and diamonds and gifts that are easily converted into cash may not be offered or accepted under any circumstances.
  • Other gifts, discounts or benefits accepted apart from money may not exceed a total of 50 Euros in value annually on the basis of the person/institution giving the gift.
  • The donations made by our customers and suppliers to the social welfare institutions and educational institutions within the scope of the New Year celebrations shall be deemed as a social responsibility project and be welcomed.