Our Quality Policy and Certificates

Our company's quality policy: product quality, customer satisfaction, technology monitoring, training and team spirit and continuous improvement are based on ethics and the environment. Our company has applied this quality approach to all kinds of production and service work both diligently and continuously.

PRODUCT QUALITY: Our products conform to international and domestic standards and have been adopted as policy in all of our units and with all of our employees. We are aware that we are a link in the quality chain that is affecting human health.

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: We cover our customers' needs with our high quality products and services. We are also very attentive and careful through every step to endeavor to constantly have a relationship with our customers.

TRACKING TECHNOLOGY: We are following the technological developments of our products and services to adapt our work to world-class standards.

TRAINING and TEAM SPIRIT: Team understanding and education, in keeping at the forefront of all levels of synergistic efforts between the units and individuals, have been operating in support and solidarity.

CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT: With the decline of awareness, which is synonymous with stagnation in development, while adapting to changing conditions, service concepts and the technology and production goals, we continue to evolve, while at the same time, renewing the organizational structure.

ETHICS and THE ENVIRONMENT: Our production, management and marketing efforts are in line with maintaining ethical values and we are committed to continue paying attention to all types of environmental awareness related to our activities.

Our quality policy, as specified by the Internal Communications department, is announced to all employees to ensure understanding by all employees. Management Review meetings, held in accordance with the procedures evaluated by senior management at certain periods, will be updated if necessary.