Environmental Policy

As Tam Hangers, it is an integral part of our business that for sustainable development and a clear future, we take the necessary measures to minimize any negative impacts as a result of our activities.

In this regard, by applying "Environmental Management System", our system is revised periodically according to changing conditions and we are continuously trying to increase our environmental performance.

To this end;

  • We follow the compliance of all laws and regulations relating to the environment.
  • Taking into account the environmental effects during our production, we try to prevent pollution at the source.
  • Activities that occur during our solid, liquid and gas waste, our mitigation measures are taken into account and efforts are implemented to re-use or recycle.
  • Any accident or emergency that may occur during our activities, to minimize environmental damage, are planned and applied at all levels.
  • All of our employees are aware of the environment to achieve success and are subject to training to give individual responsibility.
  • We try to minimize the amount of consumption by using natural resources efficiently. To this end, the whole process of planning and development of an environmentally friendly approach system is revised continuously during its implementation.
  • With national and local government agencies, and in cooperation with other industry organizations and suppliers, we are working together to raise our environmental standards.

All of our employees are working very hard to achieve the objectives of this policy. Each unit is responsible for making the necessary studies regarding its operations and implementations.