1972 Foundation - Beginning of Mold Manufacturing

The foundation of our company was in 1972 by Mr.Engin TEZSEZER who is still continuing to be our current chairman. Mr.Engin TEZSEZER began his business in a small workshop, based on his professional experience and skills in injection mold manufacturing.

1980-1995 Beginning and Growth of Plastic Hanger Production

With the investment of the first injection molding machine purchased, plastic production started. On requests from our customers during this period, the manufacturing of plastic hangers has begun. With the growth of apparel production in Turkey in the 1980s, we made significant investments to meet the growing needs of suspension. Tam Hangers moved to the new factory and the first steps were taken for industrialization.

1995-2002 World Reach

In 1995, with international agreements, we started to sell and export our products all over the world. Continuing with the large investments made over the years, we established new facilities and production lines were formed.

2002-2010 Industrialization

We first entered into the top 1000 among Turkey's largest industrial enterprises in 2002. The following years were entered, including first place in the continuous ranking Foreign Trade Tax Department.

2010-2013 Modernization

After 2010, to adapt better to the changing and evolving market conditions, the initiation of a strategic re-structuring process was carried out. The only constant thing is change, and our management way is aligned with this principle, Both production technologies and management approaches have made the appropriate strategic applications for changing and evolving with market conditions, and have taken serious steps in the modernization process.

November 2013 Taykon Plastic Acquisition

By having high vision and experience, Taykon Plastic and management have managed to install the most modern production facilities in Turkey. Taykon Plastic, with high-tech automation systems, is one of Turkey's most successful high productivity and low levels of suspended production facilities with regards to production costs. Due to the decision to change the scope of management in Taykon Plastic, the two company officials reached a consensus on its transfer to Tam Hangers’s plastic hanger business. We believe this combination of our sector dynamisms will bring efficiency and strategic acquisitions.

October 2014 Sahsan Plastic Acquisition

Sahsan Plastic, especially with its efficient production capabilities and export achievements in the field, has been serving the hanger sector for 20 years. In our meetings with their primary who wanted to change the scope of his business, they agreed to transfer their hanger business to Tam Hangers. With this partnership, we will be highly suited to serve our customers more quickly, with higher quality and with a wider product portfolio.

February 2015 Cem Plastic Acquisition

Cem Plastic, with 30 years of experience, and having high customer satisfaction and quality levels, is an important name in Turkey for the hanger sector. As the Tam Hangers family, we have agreed with Cem Plastic’s management to transfer their hanger business to Tam Hangers. Through this agreement, we will gain strength in important export routes, such as to the UK and France, as well as in our domestic market. We believe this cooperation will redound to our country’s industry and it will also be an important contribution to our customers.

2015 to Date

Tam Hangers is profoundly experienced in producing and selling hangers in the international market and is expanding its market share rapidly by focusing on customer satisfaction as a top priority. We are operating in the largest hanger production facility in the EU region, with over 100 injection machines and over 600 employees. We continuously develop our team through on-going education to improve our capabilities and talents. Through our strategic partners and our distribution networks, today, Tam Hangers is exporting plastic hangers to more than 50 countries and is seamlessly supplying a majority of the hanger needs in the European and Middle Eastern regions.

Tam Hangers, with almost 40 years of success, is continuously working to maintain its position of being the largest plastic hanger organization in the region. We continually focus on enhancing our research and development, increasing our service and product quality, and leading the industry through our investments. With dedicated employees and thousands of highly satisfied customers who are leaders in their sectors, Tam Hangers will continue to be the foremost known hanger supplier in the region.