Our Busines Corporation with Marks and Spencer continues incrementally
18 Mar

Our Busines Corporation with Marks and Spencer continues incrementally

You could find below our Interview with Asu Gurkan, the Sales and Marketing Manager of Tam Plastik ,related to our incremental corporation with Mark.and Spencer.:

Hello, could give us your update on the background of your corporaiton with the Retailer M&S?

Our business corporation with the company M&S leans back 10 years before. At first stage, We started corporating with Marks and Spencer, by providing them with product supplies on packaging of ladies?s socks and tights. We used to provide them with plastic hooks and carton labels for their socks production. Then we advanced our business corporaton to Men?s socks department, as well.

How did you start with the supplying process of lingerie hangers and clips hangers for M&S?

We upgraded our business corporaiton with M&S on approved exclusive supplier position by providing them with lingerie hangers at the beginning of March 2015,and at the beginning of August 2015, by providing them with clips hangers for adults .Within this process, with the integration of Global Offices of Braiform, we started up with the production and the supplies of new designed hangers. Being as Tam Plastik Braiform, we have been giving our prior services for the M&S productions in Turkey and the Nearby Countries.

Please tell us about your goals leading for future.

As we perform to our whole clients, our main goal is to give our timely, prompt and qualified services to the Garment Manufacturers of Marks and Spencer. By doing this, we are also aiming to keep the customers satisfaction on high levels. Having these goals adopted, we believe that we would be increasing our customer portfolio and also increasing our capacity of products relatively.

Thank you very much for the above information you have shared with us.

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